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New Science Research Building and Nursing School Planned at U Michigan

Posted by Dylan Fitzwater on Tue, May 15, 2012

Plans are underway at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor for a new science research building which will serve as a nursing education facility. The building was recently proposed to the Board of Reagents and will likely cost over $50 million.

The School of Nursing has grown significantly in recent years. The total student body has increased from 720 students in 2001 to 980 students in 2011, an increase of over 36%. The department also plans to hire around 40 additional faculty and staff members over the next ten years. The school's current location is at an old hospital building constructed in 1913. It is in desperate need of updates to accommodate the schools expansion and provide current educational resources. 

science research building

(image courtesy of the University of Michigan)

Timothy Slottow, U Michigan Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, wrote in a memo to the Board of Reagents that "The existing building structure is suitable for individual offices, classrooms and research space, but has significant limitations to support contemporary education needs."

The proposed new science building will meet the expanding needs of the nursing school by providing over 75,000 square-feet of new available space. The building will house a clinical learning center with simulated labs and patient suites, as well as some new administrative and faculty offices.

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