Science HR Recruiting

If you need the best science researchers to take on your science industry challenges, then you understand that the best researchers are not actively seeking employment at the very moment that you are posting your jobs. It follows that an excellent long-term strategy to get and keep the best research professionals is to develop your "employer brand" and to continually promote your company and your positions available in those markets where you are actively recruiting.   

You now have the opportunity to:

  • Promote your employer brand
  • Spotlight the benefits of working for your company
  • Promote your currently open positions
  • Expand your contact and professional resource network as you develop contacts that can provide longer term strategic solutions for your corporate research and development programs. 

We now have a limited number of Recruitment Exhibit Spaces and Sponsorship Packages available in each of 60+ most active research markets.  These recruitment spaces allow you to take advantage of the highly qualified, highly educated passive job market available today. Your participation in these events gives you significant advantage over other employers in the same regions that are competing for the same limited pool of highly qualified candidates. 

Science HR Recruitmenet

If you are serious about making the most of your human resources potential you will want to participate actively at the sites most relevant to your research laboratories. 

These recruiting opportunities will be offered nationally at top science markets, typically associated with the most active and productive research communities. Associated with our long-standing series of scientific product and innovation events, these events allow you to access the passive job seekers in market, as well as those actively pursuing career opportunities. 

Niche Market Recruiting Opportunities: These on-location shows make your company extremely accessible for the researchers that comprise your target market and allow you the advantages of face to face meetings with potential recruit. There is no better way to establish the long-term relationships so critical to success in this industry.


HR scientist recruitment

Because HR recruiting exhibit space at these events is very limited at each location, it is important to register early if you would like to access to high quality job prospects in these top science markets. You can contact us at 530-272-6675 or register as a Science HR Recruitment Exhibitor 

Please be sure to mention that you are looking for Science Career Fair Section Placement.

If you are not able to exhibit you can still brand your company and post current positions available with onsite Event Program Advertising.

Please contact us for packages and pricing for sponsorship programs, exhibit space and advertising opportunities.