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Short Course on Statistical Genetics & Genomics

Posted on Jul 6, 2012 3:42:00 AM


 Meeting - Birmingham, USA

Major efforts are under way to uncover the specific genetic components of many complex human disorders and quantitative traits.These efforts are generating an unprecedented wealth of data that requires sophisticated statistical analysis in order to maximize the information gleaned from each study. Likewise, many advances have been made in statistical methods for the study of complex genetic traits, and new statistical methods continue to be promulgated. To expedite and significantly advance the search for specific genes that predispose to these complex traits, we propose a series of annual hands-on short courses on statistical genetics and statistical genomics which will enable a far greater number of researchers, including clinical researchers, to participate in, contribute to, and lead such research.

Topics to include:
Intro (Genetics & Genomics; Biostatistics); GWAS Design/Analysis/Interpretation; Structural Variation & Human Diseases; Epigenomics methods; Microarrays and RNAseq: technologies and data processing; Design and analysis of gene expression experiments ; Rare Variants & Exome Sequencing; Pharmacogenetics/Pharmacogenomics; Whole Genome Prediction; Integrating different data domains; GWAS Pathway based approaches.

Mon, Jul 09, 2012 - Fri, Jul 13, 2012

University of Alabama at Birmingham
1st Floor Volker Hall Lecture Room B

1670 University Blvd, Birmingham, United States

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