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2014 Workshop in Confocal Microscopy & Design-Based Stereology

Posted on May 19, 2014 4:25:00 PM


Meeting - Chicago, IL, United States

Purpose of the Workshop To provide intensive, hands-on training in the cutting-edge technologies of confocal microscopy and design-based stereology.Evening sessions offer individual training and project consultation. Who Should Attend Anyone who could benefit from a rapid and thorough introduction to these technologies. The workshop is conducted at the graduate level and is suitable for advanced technicians and graduate students through PI’s. Workshop Director Daniel A. Peterson, Ph.D. is a Professor of Neuroscience and maintains an active, NIH-funded academic lab focusing on brain repair and regenerative medicine. He also directs a Center for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Peterson has been teaching international microscopy and stereology courses since 1995.

Sponsoring Institutions: MBF Bioscience, Inc. and Carl Zeiss, Inc.

For more information, please visit:

August 17, 2014 - August 22, 2014 (9:00 AM - 10:00 PM)

NeuroRenew, Inc., 207 Berkshire Dr.

Chicago, Lake Villa, IL 60046, USA

Contact: Daniel A. Peterson, Ph.D. (

Phone: 847-414-8730

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