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Fred Hutch Receives $6.4M in Research Funding to Improve Heart Health of Cancer Survivors

Posted by Rebecca Partridge on Tue, Jun 27, 2017

 In March, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) approved a $3.7 million, five-year grant to extend Dr. Eric Chow’s research into improving treatment of cardiovascular risk factors in childhood cancer survivors. Dr. Chow is a clinical researcher, epidemiologist, and pediatric oncologist at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, Washington. This is one of two research grants to be awarded to Dr. Chow by the National Cancer Institute. The NCI also chose to extend Dr. Chow’s study of the long-term efficacy of a medication meant to minimize or prevent heart injury in pediatric patients going through chemotherapy. This $2.7 million in research funding will allow for four more years of studies regarding the use of dexrazoxane in pediatric cancer patients. 

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MSU Research Shows Fish Oil Can Increase Immunity

Posted by Sam Asher on Thu, Apr 11, 2013

By this point, most Americans are familiar with the gelatinous yellow pill harked by many as a critically necessary supplement. Fish oil pills, packed with omega-3 fatty acids, are sold in many grocery stores and can be found in even more households nationwide. At Michigan State University, bioresearchers are delving deeper into the effects of fish oil on the body. What they have found may sound a little surprising at first: fish oil can increase immunity in people with certain health conditions.

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