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Rutgers Scientists Find Link Between Antioxidant and Common Diseases

Posted by Laura Braden on Mon, Apr 25, 2016

Liver disease and heart disease are two common ailments Americans suffer from. One in ten Americans suffers from liver disease, and heart disease is the leading cause of death in the country. The prominence of these diseases makes them common topics for life science research. Researchers from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey recently found a connection between an antioxidant and liver and heart disease.  

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Harvard and Merck Partner for $20M Cancer Therapeutics Research

Posted by Laura Braden on Mon, Apr 18, 2016

Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) is the most common form of leukemia affecting the blood and bone marrow, and has been responsible for 1.8% of cancer deaths in 2016. Because it is so prevalent, many research teams around the world study this disease in search of new treatment methods. One of these research teams, from Harvard University, has joined up with the pharmaceutical company Merck in a $20 million collaboration to develop new therapeutics for leukemia.

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Pitt Biomedical News: Military Medicine Research Center + VA Research Expansion

Posted by Jaimee Saliba on Thu, Apr 14, 2016

(Original article from 2012 by Jaimee Saliba. Updated information added by Katey Rein.)

The University of Pittsburgh has strong ties with the Pittsburgh Veteran's Administration Medical Center located next door, and in the past few years those relations have been strengthened with the establishment of the UP School of Medicine Center for Military Medicine Research as well as a new research facility at the VA's University Drive campus.

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Minnesota Research Shows Potency of Kava Against Lung Cancer

Posted by Sam Asher on Fri, Apr 08, 2016

Study Shows Chemopreventative Potential of Kava-Derived Compound


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Sometimes, the most simple and elegant solution to a problem has already been known for centuries. In 2014, University of Minnesota researchers explored the medicinal capacity of an ancient plant -  Piper methysticum, c ommonly known as kava. However, concerns about kava being toxic to the liver have resulted in diminished use. Now, a recently published study has found that a specific kava derivative may have potential to combat cancer without causing any damage to liver cells.

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Increasing Efficiency By Killing Lazy Cells at Washington University

Posted by Sam Asher on Thu, Mar 24, 2016

Chemical bioengineers find and create bacteria for several different purposes, such as eating chlorine and consuming toxic byproducts of biodiesel plants. A closer look at these bacterial communities undertaken in a study at Washington University in St. Louis shows that there is actually a division of labor between bacterial workers and layabouts.

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UIUC Bioengineer Builds Better Bio-Bot

Posted by Sam Asher on Thu, Mar 17, 2016

In January 2013, we were blown away by a completely biological robot created at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Two years later, the team is making exciting new steps in this unique and next-generation endeavor.

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Learning From the Black Death at Cincinnati

Posted by Sam Asher on Thu, Mar 10, 2016

Though it has been over five hundred years since the Black Death devastated the population of Europe, life science researchers today believe that we can learn something about HIV infections by studying the genetic aftermath of the plague.

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UPenn Opens Center for Advanced Cellular Therapeutics

Posted by Laura Braden on Tue, Mar 08, 2016

The University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia is one of the top research institutions in the world and is continuously expanding its research potential. Last year, the university opened a new Prematurity Research Center with the support of a $10 million donation from the March of Dimes Foundation of Philadelphia. Earlier this year, the university teamed up with the pharmaceutical company Novartis to open a new center on campus dedicated to cancer research, called the Novartis-Penn Center for Advanced Cellular Therapeutics (CACT)

The Center for Advanced Cellular Therapeutics, which is located on the University of Pennsylvania Medical Campus, is a $27 million project that will provide new laboratory and clinical space for physicians and scientists working to develop personalized cellular therapies for cancer treatments.

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MSU Biochemist Studies Obesity Paradox in Yeast

Posted by Sam Asher on Thu, Mar 03, 2016

Over the past year, the life science research community has endeavored to control fat in response to the obesity epidemic. We’ve seen papers about reducing fat storage capacity and even burning fat at squirrel speed. However, a recent study by the Michigan State University suggests that fat may actually be linked to longevity.

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Baltimore Researchers Identify Dangerous E. coli Strains

Posted by Laura Braden on Wed, Mar 02, 2016

Escherichia coli, most commonly referred to as E. coli, is a common form of bacteria found in the environment, foods, and the intestinal tracts of animals. E. coli is very diverse, with some strains being harmless while others can cause a wide range of illnesses, including urinary tract infections, diarrhea, and pneumonia. With hundreds of thousands of deaths caused by E. coli each year, scientists have been diligently working to better understand this bacteria. 

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