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Towards Programmable Biology (ToProB) - Satellite Workshop at ECAL 2015

Workshop - York, United Kingdom
Synthetic Biology’s vision to repurpose living cells as substrates for general computation has manifested itself in genetic circuit designs that attempt to implement Boolean logic gates, digital memory, oscillators, and other circuits from electrical engineering.
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Tags: synthetic biology, University Research, United Kingdom, July, Workshop, 2015, York, Life Sciences

Nuclear Physics in Astrophysics VII: 28th EPS Nuclear Physics Divisional Conference

Conference - York, United Kingdom

The scientific programme of the NPAVII will include:
•Big Bang nucleosynthesis and the early universe
•Explosive scenarios in astrophysics: observations, theory, and experiments

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Tags: Science, United Kingdom, Physics, May, Chemistry, 2015, York, Conference, science current event

The Electron Microscopy and Analysis Group Conference (EMAG 2013)

The Electron Microscopy and Analysis Group Conference (EMAG 2013)

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Tags: 2013, Microscopy, University Research, United Kingdom, Physics, September, York, Conference

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