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International Conference on Cell and Stem Cell Research

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2nd Annual Summit on Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine

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2017 4th International Symposium of Materials in Regenerative Medicine (2017 ISOMRM)

Spotlight on Science Meetings, Conferences and Events brings you information on the following event: 2017 4th International Symposium of Materials in Regenerative Medicine (2017 ISOMRM)

The 4th International Symposium of Materials on Regenerative Medicine (2017 ISOMRM) will be held to promote international exchange in biomaterials for biomedical research and enhance the international influence of biomaterials research for regenerative medicine and associated academic societies, the National Health Research Institute Taiwan organized the 1st ISOMRM back in 2010, sharing the research of biomaterials in regenerative medicine, enhancing international exchange, and introducing Taiwan’s biomaterials and regenerative medicine to the international community. 

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Cell & Gene Meeting on the Mesa 2016 6th Annual Partnering Forum


Forum - La Jolla, CA, United States

The annual Partnering Forum at the Cell & Gene Meeting on the Mesa is the only partnering meeting organized specifically for the advanced therapies industry.

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Tags: CA, Regenerative Medicine, United States, Forum, October, La Jolla, 2016

ExoMed 2016 Conference


Conference - La Jolla, CA, United States


Join us in La Jolla, CA at the Museum of Contemporary Art for our third international conference of scientists, space professionals, investors, and entrepreneurs shaping the future of exomedicine.

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Tags: CA, biomedical sciences, June, Regenerative Medicine, Conference, La Jolla, 2016, bioengineering

Regenerative Medicine: Transitioning Therapeutics from Cells to the Clinic

Symposium - New York City, United States
The field of regenerative medicine is burgeoning with academic and industry groups, actively developing cell-based therapeutic products.
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Tags: Regenerative Medicine, infectious diseases, Medicine, United States, Symposium, February, Life Sciences, New York City, 2016

World Conference on Regenerative Medicine 2015

Conference - Leipzig, Germany
The conference offers scientists, medical practitioners and company representatives a perfect platform to gather and share information on the latest research trends and technology developments in regenerative medicine.
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Tags: Regenerative Medicine, germany, October, 2015, Leipzig, Life Sciences, Conference

Hydra XI - The European Summer School on Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine

Course - Hydra, Greece
The Summer School provides intensive training on fundamental concepts and contemporary issues in stem cell biology.
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Tags: Regenerative Medicine, cell biology, September, Greece, 2015, research course, Life Sciences, Stem Cell

Innovations in Cell-Based Regenerative Therapies Conference (MSC 2015)

Conference - Cleveland, United States
MSC 2015 will:
  • Feature invited lectures from thought-leaders and provide podium talks, poster sessions, and a venue for investigators and students to present and discuss their research
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Tags: Regenerative Medicine, cell biology, United States, August, 2015, Life Sciences, Conference, innovative solution

The Biology of Regenerative Medicines - 2nd Wellcome Trust Scientific Conference

Conference - Cambridge, United Kingdom
Few topics in contemporary medicine have attracted more attention than stem cells and their potential for enabling the discovery of new regenerative therapies.
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