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Systematics: the science that underpins biology

Symposium - Oxford, United Kingdom
This three-day meeting of the Systematics Association will be held at the University of Oxford and comprises four thematic sessions covering Systematics in relation to Ecology, Fossils, Taxonomy and Evolution as well as contributed papers on all aspects of systematic biology.
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Tags: United Kingdom, August, Symposium, Evolution, Evolution and Ecology, 2015, Oxford University, Life Sciences, Ecology

NGS Workshop 2015 – A Practical Introduction to NGS Data Analysis

Workshop - Oxford, United Kingdom
We are delighted to announce this Next Generation Sequencing training course/workshop, which will be conducted by ecSeq Bioinformatics.
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Tags: Bioinformatics, United Kingdom, April, Workshop, Oxford, 2015, Oxford University, Life Sciences

Nucleotide excision repair & interstrand crosslink repair – from molecules to man

FEBS Workshop: Nucleotide excision repair and interstrand crosslink repair – from molecules to man

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Tags: 2013, June, Microscopy, University Research, Biochemistry, Molecular Cell Biology, Slovakia, Oxford University, Life Sciences, Genetics

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