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43rd EMD Millipore Lectureship 2016


Lectures - La Jolla, CA, United States


"Phosphoinositide Kinases and Disease"

"Cancer Metabolism"

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Tags: CA, University of California San Diego, University of California, March, United States, La Jolla, Lecture, 2016

42th EMD Millipore Lectureship

Lectures - La Jolla, CA, United States
Speaker: Brian K. Kobilka, Nobel Laureate, Professor of Medicine and Molecular and Cellular Physiology, Stanford University
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Tags: CA, University of California San Diego, University of California, Protein Research, United States, 2015, February, San Diego, UCSD research, UCSD, La Jolla, Life Science, Lecture

GlaxoSmithKline Prize Lecture 2014


Lecture - London, United Kingdom

The Royal Society GlaxoSmithKline Prize and Lecture is awarded biennially for original contributions to medical and veterinary sciences.

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Tags: 2014, cancer research, United Kingdom, Cancer, Medicine, September, London, veterinary science, Life Sciences, Lecture

EMBO Lecture Course: High-Throughput NGS Applied to Infectious Diseases


Lecture - Tunis, Tunisia

The course is about how to analyze and interpret NGS data. A particular focus will be made on infectious/parasitic diseases NGS applications. We will specifically use parasite datasets to provide examples and hints for the interpretation of NGS datasets in a transcriptomic and/or genomic context.

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Tags: 2014, infectious diseases, September, Systems Biology, Tunisia, Tunis, Life Sciences, Lecture

Immunology for Clinicians Lecture


Lecture - Bangalore, India

Understanding immunology and mechanisms underlying immunological responses is the key to immunotherapy.

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Tags: 2014, Immunology, July, India, Research India, Bangalore, Life Sciences, Lecture

2014 CSHL course on Drosophila Neurobiology


Course - Cold Spring Harbor, NY, United States

This laboratory/lecture course is intended for researchers at all levels from beginning graduate students through established primary investigators who want to use Drosophila as an experimental system for nervous system investigation.

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Tags: 2014, June, Biochemistry, July, US, Cold Spring Harbor, Biological Chemistry, Neurobiology, Neuroscience, Life Sciences, laboratory, Lecture, research laboratories

Summer Program in Neuroscience, Ethics and Survival (SPINES)


Course - Woods Hole, MA, United States

The Summer Program in Neuroscience, Ethics & Survival (SPINES) provides a rich experience in neuroscience.

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Tags: 2014, June, July, Woods Hole, Marine Biology, Educational Event, US, Neuroscience, Life Sciences, MA, laboratory, lab research, Lecture, research laboratories, lab

Lecture: How embryos build organs to last a lifetime


Lecture - London, United Kingdom

All the organs of our body originate from small founder populations of cells which multiply into complex structures.

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Tags: 2014, Stem Cells, June, cell biology, United Kingdom, London, Life Sciences, Lecture

EMBO/FEBS Lecture Course on Nuclear Proteomics

Nuclear Proteomics

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Tags: 2014, Greece, Molecular Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, May, Life Sciences, Lecture

EMBO/FEBS Lecture Course: 'Biophysics of channels and transporters'

Biophysics of Channels and Transporters

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Tags: 2014, Microscopy, Molecular Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, May, Biophysics, Italy, Life Sciences, Lecture

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