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Short Course on Systems Genetics 2015

Course - Bar Harbor, ME, United States
This one-week course covers computational and experimental approaches to genetic studies that utilize whole genome approaches.
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Tags: United States, September, October, ME, Bar Harbor, 2015, research course, Life Sciences, Genetics, laboratory, lab research

14th Annual Workshop on the Pathology of Mouse Models for Human Disease in Seattle

Workshop - Seattle, Washington, United States
This workshop provides a week of intensive training sessions in pathology and histopathology as well as didactic sessions in which particular disease areas and models will be discussed.
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Tags: University of Washington, WA, University of Washington Seattle, United States, September, Pathology, 2015, Life Sciences, laboratory, lab research, Seattle

What's Your Study Worth? The Value of a Custom Lab Animal Diet as a Research Tool - Free Webinar

Free Webinar
Custom research diets have been and continue to be important tools in significant research discoveries across many therapeutic areas. But should you consider this option for your protocol?
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Tags: 2014, animal research, Laboratories, Webinar, December, Research, lab research, Life Science, research laboratories, lab

2014 CSHL course on X-Ray Methods in Structural Biology


Course - Cold Spring Harbor, NY, United States

Crystallography and X-ray diffraction yield a wealth of structural information unobtainable through other methods. This intense laboratory/computational course focuses on the major techniques used to determine the three-dimensional structures of macromolecules.

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Tags: October, Cold Spring Harbor, NY, Life Sciences, United States, Biochemistry, laboratory, 2014, lab research, Structural Biology, Biological Chemistry

CSHL Meeting: Plasmids: History & Biology


Meeting - Cold Spring Harbor, NY, United States

The CSHL Genentech Center Conferences on the History of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology is pleased to announce a meeting on the Plasmids: History & Biology, which will be held at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

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Tags: September, Cold Spring Harbor, NY, Life Sciences, United States, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Research Meeting, laboratory, 2014, lab research

The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine Grand Opening Scientific Symposium


Symposium - Farmington, CT, United States

Join us in Farmington, Connecticut at the inaugural scientific symposium celebrating the opening of The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine.

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Tags: Symposium, Genomics, October, Life Sciences, United States, Genetics, laboratory, CT, Medicine, 2014, lab research, Farmington, genomic

Short Course on Systems Genetics 2014


Course - Bar Harbor, ME, United States

This one-week course covers computational and experimental approaches to genetic studies that utilize whole genome approaches.

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Tags: September, October, biology research, ME, Bar Harbor, US, Genetics, laboratory, research laboratories, 2014, lab research

Educational Course 2015: Genetic Engineering of Mammalian Stem Cells


Course - Hinxton, Cambridge, United Kingdom

This laboratory-based training course will provide a comprehensive overview and practical laboratory experience of the genetic manipulation of mammalian stem cells.

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Tags: United Kingdom, Hinxton, Cambridge, Life Sciences, February, Genetic, Stem Cells, laboratory, cell biology, lab research, genetic engineering, 2015

Workshop on Techniques in Modeling Human Cancer in Mice (2015)


Workshop - Bar Harbor, ME, United States

It has become increasingly clear that the laboratory mouse, the best genetically defined experimental model organism for humans, presents a major opportunity for rapid advancement in understanding the genetic basis and underlying biology of cancer.

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Tags: cancer research, cancer research, May, ME, Cancer, Life Sciences, Bar Harbor, US, Mice, laboratory, research mice, research laboratories, lab research, Workshop, 2015

Optical Microscopy & Imaging in the Biomedical Sciences - MBL Course


Course - Woods Hole, MA, United States

This course is designed primarily for research scientists, postdoctoral trainees, and advanced graduate students in animal, plant, medical, and material sciences. Non-biologists seeking a comprehensive introduction to microscopy and digital imaging will benefit greatly from the course.

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Tags: laboratory, Microscopy, September, MA, biomedical sciences, Imaging, Life Sciences, US, research laboratories, Woods Hole, 2014, lab research, Marine Biology

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