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Genetic Control of Immune Cell Activation. Implication for Autoimmune Disease

Workshop - Henningsvær, Norway
The overall objective of this workshop is to identify the most promising pathways for future research within genetic control of immune cell activation.
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Tags: Immunology, University Research, Cell Research, Workshop, August, Genetic, 2015, genetic research, Norway, disease research, Life Sciences

Cancer Genetics Management in the Primary Care Setting


Workshop - Farmington, CT, United States

This 1.5-day program focuses on using family history information to identify patients who will benefit from increased cancer screening, genetic testing, and/or referral.

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Tags: 2014, November, cancer research, genomic medicine, Laboratories, Cancer, Workshop, United States, CT, Farmington, genetic research

28th Annual International Mammalian Genome Conference


Conference - Bar Harbor, ME, United States

The Jackson Laboratory is collaborating with the International Mammalian Genome Society to offer the 28th Annual International Mammalian Genome Conference in Bar Harbor, Maine, USA. 

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Tags: 2014, genomic research, genome research, United States, Research Conference, October, Bar Harbor, Maine, Genome, genetic research, life science research

Mutations: Great and Small - Тhe Royal Society Lecture

Mutations: Great and Small

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Tags: 2013, United Kingdom, London, October, genetic research, Life Sciences, Genetics, Lecture

Human Genome Analysis: Genetic Analysis of Multifactorial Diseases

Human Genome Analysis: Genetic Analysis of Multifactorial Diseases

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Tags: 2013, United Kingdom, July, Computational Biology, genetic research, Life Sciences, Cambridge

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