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Crossing Biological Barriers – Advances in Nanocarrier Design for Targeted Drug Delivery

Conference - Dresden, Germany
On 9-11 November 2015, Crossing Biological Barriers – Advances in Nanocarrier Design for Targeted Drug Delivery will take place in the beautiful city of Dresden.
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Tags: November, nanotechnology, Pharmacology, Biochemistry, Medicine, germany, Chemistry, Dresden, 2015, Pharmacy, Health Science, Life Sciences, Conference, Biotechnology, Nanomaterials

Adult Neurogenesis 2015: Evolution, Regulation and Function

Conference - Dresden, Germany
2015 is the 50th anniversary of Joseph Altman's landmark discovery of adult neurogenesis.
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Tags: Molecular Biology, germany, May, Dresden, 2015, Health Science, Neuroscience, Conference, Genetics, Neurology, Life Science

EMBO Practical Course on Light-Sheet Microscopy


Course - Dresden, Germany

Light-sheet microscopy is an emerging technology that enables imaging of biological specimens with minimal photo-damage.

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Tags: 2014, Microscopy, August, Developmental Biology, germany, Development, Dresden, Life Sciences

SPIE Remote Sensing 2013

SPIE Remote Sensing 2013

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Tags: 2013, current technology event, Photonics, Optics, September, germany, Dresden, Engineering, Conference

3rd EMBO Conference on Meiosis

EMBO Conference: 'Meiosis'

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Tags: 2013, cell biology, September, Molecular Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, germany, Dresden, Life Sciences, Conference

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