Science Researcher Update: Spotlight on Meetings, Conferences, and Events

The Spetses Nuclear Receptor Summer School: Nuclear Receptor Signaling in Physiology & Disease

Course - Island of Spetses, Greece
Our 2015 course (The VII Spetses NR Summer School) aims to provide young scientists an integrated view on recent advances in understanding nuclear receptor signalling pathways, from molecular mechanisms to physiology and disease, and vice versa.
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Tags: Physiology, August, Greece, Molecular Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, 2015, disease research, research course, Life Sciences

Genetic Control of Immune Cell Activation. Implication for Autoimmune Disease

Workshop - Henningsvær, Norway
The overall objective of this workshop is to identify the most promising pathways for future research within genetic control of immune cell activation.
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Tags: Immunology, University Research, Cell Research, Workshop, August, Genetic, 2015, genetic research, Norway, disease research, Life Sciences

Histone Deacetylases and Sirtuins in Biology, Disease and Aging

Conference - Timmedorfer Strand, Germany
This FASEB Science Research Conference (SRC) focuses on Histone deacetylases (HDACs) as vital regulators of fundamental cellular events, including cell cycle progression, stem cell functions, cell fate determination, cell differentiation, many diseases and even aging.
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Tags: Aging, July, Biology, Molecular Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Research Conference, germany, 2015, disease research, Life Sciences, Conference, science research

Nutritional Immunology: Role in Health and Disease

Conference - Lisbon, Portugal
This FASEB Science Research Conference (SRC) focuses on the interactions among nutrition, immunity and infectious and inflammatory outcomes. A broad range of topics will be covered, each lead by an internationally recognized researcher in the field.
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Tags: Immunology, Biochemistry, July, Research Conference, Lisbon, Portugal, 2015, disease research, Life Sciences, science conferences, science research

FASEB Science Research Conference on "The Growth Hormone/Prolactin Family in Biology & Disease"

Conference - Steamboat Springs, CO, United States
This FASEB Science Research Conference (SRC) focuses on the growth hormone (GH)/prolactin (PRL) family of hormones influence the progression of such major health problems as obesity, diabetes, aging, mental health and multiple cancers, in addition to their role in body growth and lactation.
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Tags: cell biology, Biology, United States, Research Conference, Steamboat Springs, disease research, Life Sciences, science research, CO

The TGF-β Superfamily: Signaling in Development and Disease

Conference - Snowmass, CO, United States
This FASEB Science Research Conference (SRC) focuses on the TGF-β family of secreted polypeptides that are important during animal embryogenesis, during tissue specification and patterning, and during adult life tissue homeostasis.
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Tags: cell biology, July, United States, Research Conference, Snowmass, 2015, disease research, Life Sciences, science research, CO

5th Annual World Orphan Drug Congress Europe 2014

Conference - Brussels, Belgium
World Orphan Drug Congress is Europe's largest commercially-focused event for the rare disease research and advocacy. It is:
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Tags: 2014, November, Pharmacology, Congress, Belgium, Brussels, disease research, Health Science, Conference, Life Science, Pharma

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