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eCM Bone and Implant Infection

Conference - Davos, Switzerland
One of the most common and serious complications associated with the implantation of a biomaterial into a biological system, such as the human body, is bacterial infection.
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Tags: June, Microbiology, Switzerland, 2015, Davos, Life Sciences, Conference

3rd GRF One Health Summit 2014


Conference - Davos, Switzerland

The Global Risk Forum GRF Davos invites you to submit an abstract for oral presentation, for a poster presentation, or for a session on one of the conference topics.

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Tags: 2014, Healthcare, Switzerland, October, Summit, Davos, Conference

2nd GRF One Health Summit 2013

2nd GRF One Health Summit

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Tags: 2013, November, Development, Switzerland, Summit, Davos, Life Sciences, Conference

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