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Clinical Researchers and Biomarkers 2018

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2nd International Conference on Pediatric Neurology

Spotlight on Science Meetings, Conferences and Events brings you information on the following event: 2nd International Conference on Pediatric Neurology

Pediatric Neurology 2017 will focus on the latest and exodus innovations in all areas of Pediatric neurology research which offers exclusive opportunity for investigators across the globe to meet, network, and perceive new scientific innovations. This year’s annual congress highlights the theme, “Channelizing the novel ideas for treating Pediatric Neurological Disorders” which reflects the innovative progress in Pediatric Neurology research.

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International Conference on Nanobiotechnology (ICNB'16)


Conference - Prague, Czech Republic
The International Conference on Nanobiotechnology (ICNB'16) aims to become the leading annual conference in fields related to nanobiotechnology.
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Tags: Nanobiotechnology, nanotechnology, April, Czech Republic, Prague, Life Sciences, Conference, 2016

4th International Congress on Translational Medicine (4th Annual Congress of the European Society for Translational Medicine) (EUSTM-2016)

Conference - Prague, Czech Republic
EUSTM-2016 will discuss and showcase latest developments in specific areas of cellular & molecular biology, big data mining & omics sciences, biomarkers & molecular imaging, drug discovery & development, Precision medicine & point of care diagnostics and disease modeling.
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Tags: Congress, Medicine, October, Czech Republic, Prague, translational medicine, Life Sciences, Conference, 2016

15th International Nutrition & Diagnostics Conference

Conference - Prague, Czech Republic
The 15th International Nutrition & Diagnostics Conference (INDC 2015) is a leading meeting dedicated to nutrition and clinical diagnostics.
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Tags: Medicine, October, Czech Republic, Prague, 2015, Health Science, Life Sciences, Conference

Prague Summer School - Next-Gen Seq Data Analysis

Workshop - Prague, Czech Republic
Quality Control, Read Mapping, Visualization and Downstream Analyses
Molecular biologists or data analysts with an interest in Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) data analysis.
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Tags: Bioinformatics, Workshop, September, Czech Republic, Prague, 2015, Life Sciences

Research in Plant Genetics

Conference - Brno, Czech Republic
In March 1865 Gregor Johann Mendel presented the results of his experiments in monastery garden started back in 1854 in order to answer a long standing question of hybridization.
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Tags: Plant science, September, Czech Republic, 2015, Brno, Life Sciences, Conference, Genetics, Research

2nd World Congress on NeuroTherapeutics (DDDN) Dilemmas, Debates, Discussion

Conference - Prague, Czech Republic
Despite the false perception that neurology deals with untreatable conditions, neurological practice is constantly undergoing dramatic changes, and numerous drugs and other forms of therapy continue to emerge.
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Tags: Congress, September, Czech Republic, Prague, 2015, Neuroscience, Life Sciences

Frontiers in Life and Materials Sciences: Creating Life in 3D

Conference - Brno, Czech Republic
This conference will be our first conference with speakers from both CEITEC and ICRC to explore the interface of the life sciences and material sciences fields on the topic of 3-dimensional life.
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Tags: Physics, September, Chemistry, Czech Republic, 2015, Conference, Genetics, Life Science

NanoOstrava 2015 - Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology Meeting

Conference - Ostrava, Czech Republic
4th International Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology Meeting Nano Ostrava 2015, the conference providing a platform to researchers, engineers, and students to share experiences and original research contributions on topics related to preparation and characterization of nanomaterials, nanotechnology for medicine and biology, advanced materials for electronic devices, nanotechnology for environment.
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