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Second Annual NGS 2015 Nordic Conference

Conference - Lund, Sweden
This second annual NGS 2015 Nordic Conference takes place at the Medicon Village in Lund and is organised in partnership with the Lund University Cancer Centre.
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Tags: Bioinformatics, Medicine, October, Sweden, 2015, Health Science, Life Sciences, Conference, Genetics, Clinical Genetics

IWBE-2015, 2nd International Workshop on Biomedical Engineering & Bioinformatics

Conference - Istanbul, Turkey
IWBE-2015 is one of the area focused international workshops for presenting novel ideas and advances in the area of Biomedical Engineering and Bioinformatics organized by Scientific Cooperations.
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Tags: November, Bioinformatics, Workshop, 2015, Turkey, Istanbul, Biomedical Engineering, Engineering, Conference

Joint EMBL-EBI-Wellcome Trust Course: Resources for Computational Drug Discovery

Course - Cambridge, United Kingdom
This practical course is specifically intended to give life scientists training on how to explore and use protein interaction bioinformatics resources.
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Tags: November, Drug Discovery, Bioinformatics, United Kingdom, 2015, research course, Life Sciences, Cambridge

Networks & Pathways - European Bioinformatics Institute Course

Course - Cambridge, United Kingdom
This workshop provides participants with the underlying principles of computational chemical biology and addresses how these methods are applied in the field of drug discovery.
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Tags: November, Bioinformatics, United Kingdom, 2015, research course, Life Sciences, Cambridge

The Second International Horticulture Research Conference

Conference - Davis, United States
On behalf of the local organizing and scientific committees, we cordially invite you to attend the Second International Horticulture Research Conference which will be held at the UC Davis Conference Center October 29-November 1, 2015 on the campus of the University of California, Davis, USA.
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Tags: November, University of California Davis, Bioinformatics, Plant science, United States, Research Conference, Evolution and Ecology, October, 2015, Life Sciences, Genomics, Genetics, Biotechnology, Ecology, Davis, UC Davis, Plant Biology

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Conference on Genome Informatics

Meeting - Cold Spring Harbor, NY, United States
The next Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory conference on Genome Informatics will be held at Cold Spring Harbor, New York (this meeting has alternated with Hinxton meeting started under the joint auspices of CSHL and the Wellcome Trust).
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Tags: Bioinformatics, Research Meeting, Cold Spring Harbor, October, Genome, 2015, Life Sciences, Conference, laboratory

3rd International Systems Biomedicine Symposium “Big Data in Health Care – Challenges, Innovations & Implementation”

Symposium - Munsbach, Luxembourg
Evidence-based treatments ideally suited for the individual patient emerged as the new strategy to tackle unmet medical needs.
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Tags: Bioinformatics, Systems Biology, Symposium, October, Computational Biology, Health Care, Computer Science, 2015, Luxembourg, Biomedical Reearch, Health Science, Life Sciences, Conference, Biotechnology

Chromatin Structure and Function - Wellcome Trust 2015 Course

Course - Cambridge, United Kingdom
This popular course will provide training in the experimental and computational approaches that can be used to mechanistically dissect important aspects of chromatin biology at the gene or genome-wide levels.
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Tags: November, Bioinformatics, Microbiology, United Kingdom, Biology, Molecular Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, October, 2015, research course, Life Sciences, Cambridge, Genetics

EMBO/EMBL Symposium: Non-coding Genome

Conference - Heidelberg, Germany
In the 50 years since RNA was identified as a central component in the flow of genetic information, it has become increasingly clear that RNA performs many additional diverse and interesting functions.
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Tags: Bioinformatics, Microbiology, cell biology, Biology, Molecular Biology, Epidemiology, germany, Symposium, Heidelberg, October, Genome, 2015, Life Sciences, Genetics, Biotechnology

Computational genomics: A hands-on course on data analysis

Course - Berlin, Germany
Course Modules
· Introduction to R & Bioconductor
· Statistics and Exploratory Data analysis
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Tags: Bioinformatics, germany, October, Berlin, 2015, research course, Life Sciences, Genomics

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