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Agricultural Bioscience International Conference 2016


Conference - Fargo, North Dakota, United States

ABIC 2016TM – The world's top agricultural bioscience conference is making its first USA appearance in one of the richest agricultural regions of the world — Fargo, North Dakota, USA.

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Tags: Bioscience, food science, agriculture, Plant science, animal science, United States, September, agricultural, Conference, 2016

Global Food Security and Sustainability Conference 2016


Conference - Beijing, China

OMICS is an Open Access publisher and Scientific Event Organizer. We are going to organize the “Global Food Security and Sustainability Conference” to be held from June 13-15, 2016 Beijing, China.

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Tags: June, Beijing, Scientific, agricultural, China, Conference, 2016

Agricultural Genomics — From Variation to Crops

Conference - Beijing, China
We have seen a recent explosion of genomics data and its wide application to understanding the genetic basis of plant variation associated with crop yield increase.
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Tags: 2014, November, Plant science, Research Conference, Beijing, agricultural, China, Genomics, Life Science

Agricultural-Omics Course 2014


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Tags: 2014, Bioinformatics, United Kingdom, Hinxton, February, agricultural, Life Sciences, Cambridge

Olomouc Biotech 2013 Plant Biotechnology: Green for Good II

Olomouc Biotech 2013 Plant Biotechnology: Green for Good II

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Tags: 2013, June, agriculture, biofuels, University Research, Czech Republic, biotechnology conference, agricultural, Life Sciences, Conference, Biotechnology, biotech, Biotech current events

2nd AGRI-net International Conference on Plant Chemical Biology

2nd AGRI-net International Conference on Plant Chemical Biology: Jealott’s Hill International Research Centre

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Tags: 2013, agriculture, United Kingdom, Plant science, May, Berkshire, agricultural, Life Sciences, Conference, Research, science research

Life Sciences Conference: Next Generation Plant Breeding

Next Generation Plant Breeding

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Tags: November, 2012, Plant science, Netherlands, agricultural, Life Sciences, Conference, Genetics, Research, current science events, laboratory

Agri-2012: International Conference on Agricultural & Horticultural Sciences

International Conference on Agricultural & Horticultural Sciences

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Tags: agriculture, 2012, Plant science, September, India, Research India, agricultural, Life Sciences, Conference

Trade Show: ASABE Annual International Meeting

American Society of Agricultural & Biological Engineers (ASABE) Annual International Meeting

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Tags: Texas, 2012, July, August, Dallas, biological, agricultural, Engineering, TX

Trade Show: The Midwest Agricultural Industries Exposition (MAGIE)

The Midwest Agricultural Industries Exposition (MAGIE)

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Tags: 2012, Illinois, August, Bloomington, agricultural, IL

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