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Biology of Ageing Conference 2015

Conference - Singapore, Singapore
Singapore as well as most of industrialized countries will be facing the grey tsunami.
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Tags: Singapore, Medicine, Biology, October, 2015, Ageing, Life Sciences, Conference, scientific conference

Longitudinal Studies: Maximising their Value for Ageing Research

Conference - Cambridge, United Kingdom
Longitudinal studies are ideal for analysing age-related changes, their lifetime determinants and consequences.
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Tags: United Kingdom, July, Epidemiology, Research Conference, Hinxton, 2015, Ageing, Life Sciences, Conference, Cambridge, Research

2nd International Sun Protection & Anti-Ageing Skin Care Conference Asia

Conference - Singapore, Singapore
Protection from the detrimental and damaging effects of the sun is a major concern worldwide.
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Tags: Science, July, Singapore, Medicine, Asia, Health Care, 2015, Ageing, Health Science, Conference

The 2015 Ageing Summit

Summit - London, United Kingdom
This event will look at current scientific research and thinking regarding the ageing process.
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Tags: cell biology, scientific research, United Kingdom, London, Summit, 2015, February, Ageing, Life Sciences

Bronchitis IX: 'Lungs: On The Edge of Health and Ageing


Symposium - Groningen, Netherlands

Since the sixties, small interactive meetings featuring leading international researchers in the field of obstructive airway diseases have been held in Groningen under the unassuming title of “Bronchitis”.

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Tags: 2014, June, Medical Research, Medicine, Symposium, Netherlands, Ageing, Life Sciences

Biomarkers and Ageing 2014 Conference

Biomarkers and Ageing

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Tags: 2014, United Kingdom, Medicine, London, February, Biomarkers, Ageing, Life Sciences, Conference

Establishing Anti-Ageing Medicines Conference

Establishing Anti-Ageing Medicines

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Tags: 2014, Biotechnology Current Events, United Kingdom, London, Research Meeting UK, February, Ageing, Life Sciences, Conference, Biotechnology

The Immunology of Ageing Conference

The Immunology of Ageing

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Tags: 2014, Immunology, United Kingdom, Immune System, London, February, Ageing, Life Sciences, Conference

The 2014 Ageing Summit

The 2014 Ageing Summit

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Tags: 2014, Stem Cells, Immunology, United Kingdom, Immune System, Medicine, London, Summit, February, Biomarkers, Ageing, Life Sciences, Conference

Cell Senescence in Cancer and Ageing

Cell Senescence in Cancer and Ageing

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Tags: 2013, science current events, cell biology, UK, Cancer, Cell Research, July, Ageing, Life Sciences, Conference, Cambridge

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