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Bacterial biofilms: Mathematical, physical & biological perspectives

Posted on May 14, 2014 3:56:00 PM


Workshop - Nice, France

Bacterial biofilms provide a primordial example of “optional” multicellularity where individual bacteria switch from a solitary lifestyle to an organized division of labor. Their formation, development and disassembly offer an exciting common ground for a diverse community of scientists looking at biofilms in profoundly different ways. Depending on the context, biofilms may be regarded as differentiated communities of cells; active soft matter; solutions to partial differential equations; deadly causes of nosocomial infections or promising new technology for water filtration and a lot more. These very different points of view are beginning to merge as a comprehensive understanding of how biofilms function is desperately needed to advance fundamental and applied research in this field.

The main goal of this summer school is to bring together biologists, mathematicians, physicists and engineers interested in understanding biofilms from a broad range of perspectives. The school is addressed to PhD students, postdocs and PIs. Ample space for discussion will be provided to connect young and established researchers in this community and to encourage informal exchange between speakers and participants. Five short courses will start at the tutorial level and open to the state of the art in various aspects of theoretical and experimental biofilm research. Besides the courses there will be few invited talks, few contributed talks and two poster sessions. The format of the school will provide opportunities to give and obtain feedback and we urge all speakers and participants to stay for the entire week to generate a collaborative atmosphere, potentially fostering new exciting collaborations.

Organization: CNRS, Laboratoire de physique de la matière condensée

Bacterial biofilms: Mathematical, physical and biological perspectives

Tue, Jun 10, 2014 - Fri, Jun 13, 2014

Le Saint-Paul (ex Maison du Séminaire)

29 boulevard Franck Pilatte 06300, Nice, France

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