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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Bench to Bedside Approaches

Posted on Oct 23, 2014 1:09:00 PM

Lecture - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
The main objective of this EMBO Global Exchange Course is to provide training for students from Latin-American and other countries in modern Molecular and Cell Biology research. The course will introduce state-of-the-art methodologies and concepts to students through a combination of practical labs, lectures and participation in a symposium. Strong interactions between students and top researchers from three continents are designed to enhance the training experience. The course will consist of two-three lectures each morning followed by 4-6 hour laboratory sessions each afternoon. Each practical exercise will be led by an investigator who has made important contributions to our understanding of a key cell biological process at the molecular level. Three days will be devoted to a Symposium, where faculty will present their recent results. The small meeting format is designed to stimulate discussion by all participants. Students will be strongly encouraged to present their own work in an oral session. Each faculty member will be present for at least for seven days of the course (four lab days and three days in the symposium). A day will be reserved for general discussion.
Organization: EMBO
Mon, Oct 27, 2014 - Fri, Nov 07, 2014
Federal University of State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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