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UCSD: Co Leaders, in $1.455 Billion “All of Us” Program

Posted by Andrea Inks on Thu, Jan 10, 2019

University of California, San Diego is part of the NIH led California Precision Medicine Consortium launching the “All of Us Research” Program.

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UCSD Lab Research Event: 5 Spaces Left

Posted by BCI Staff on Wed, Jun 28, 2017

"We had high hopes for this show and they were met.

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Target California's Top Funded Research Markets for Increased Scientific Lab Product Sales

Posted by BCI Staff on Wed, May 31, 2017

Do you sell innovative scientific equipment that can help life science researchers with their laboratory research programs?

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UCSD Current Research Projects and Upcoming Lab Product Show

Posted by BCI Staff on Thu, May 11, 2017

There is lots going on at UCSD this year, with over one billion dollars in annual research projects and programs, with projects in technology, chemistry, physical science, and life sciences there is plenty that's intersting and lots to learn.

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Increase California Lab Product Sales: Vendor Fair Promo

Posted by BCI Staff on Wed, Mar 08, 2017


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UCSD: “Very Impressed with the Number of Genuinely Interested Researchers”

Posted by BCI Staff on Wed, Oct 26, 2016

"The Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. show at UCSD was great, better turnout than expected. I was very impressed with the number of genuinely interested researchers and students that came by." – J.K., Exhibitor from Last UCSD Event 

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Tags: UC San Diego, University of California San Diego, UCSD, California, University of California, CA, Southwest Region

Riverside Marketplace Needs Lab Suppliers

Posted by BCI Staff on Fri, Sep 23, 2016

Last year, over 225 researchers came to our event at UC Riverside to source new solutions to their lab challenges. If you think that these researchers could help you grow your business, consider participating in our upcoming lab-product marketing event on February 2, 2017.

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Tags: UCR, UC Riverside, UCSD, UC San Diego, University of California Riverside, University of California San Diego, 2017

San Diego: “Very Impressed with... Genuinely Interested Researchers”

Posted by BCI Staff on Wed, Sep 07, 2016


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Lab Suppliers invited to meet Researchers at UCSD's "Big Show"

Posted by BCI Staff on Mon, Jun 20, 2016

UC San Diego: The Big Show

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CIRM Pumps Nearly $3M into Heart of UCSD Bioresearch

Posted by Robert Larkin on Wed, Mar 18, 2015

The best course of action for those affected with congestive heart failure, which affects millions of Americans, is most often a heart valve transplant. Since the condition is so prevalent, however, there are seldom enough donors to meet the rising demand for replacement valves.

Thanks to recent funding given to the University of California, San Diego, those affected by congestive heart failure may have renewed hope in the form of ongoing stem cell bioresearch projects.

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