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Genomics Research Europe 2013

Posted on Sep 27, 2013 11:44:00 PM

Genomics Research Europe

Conference - Barcelona, Spain

Since the completion of the human genome in 2003 there have been constant challenges to genomic research technologies and public health strategies. Persistent challenges faced by those in this discipline will be addressed at this SELECTBIO meeting. This conference aims to provide delegates with an improved awareness of current developments in the following fields: New Applications in PCR & Next-Generation Sequencing, and Epigenetics, microRNAs and Non-coding RNAs in Disease. As well as an array of international speakers and poster presentations, our exhibitors will display a repertoire of cutting edge research tools. Agenda Topics: Epigenetics, microRNAs and non Coding RNAs in Disease • Chromatin Mechanisms in Epigenetics • Epigenetics in Disease • Epigenetics in Therapy Development • Epigenetics Research Presentations • Epigenetics Tools & Technologies • Epigenetics-based Biomarkers • Imprinting Epigenetic Memory • lncRNAs: Association with Cancer and Other Disease Classes • microRNA Biology • microRNA in Diagnostics Development/Biomarker Applications • microRNA-based Therapeutics • MicroRNAs as Markers for Drug Toxicity • New Epigenetic Targets • Technologies for Studying microRNAs vs. lncRNAs New Applications of NGS and PCR • 3rd Generation Sequencing Technologies • Applications: Informing Diagnosis & Treatment • Data Analysis and Storage • Detection of Tumour Cells • Expression Profiling • High Resolution Melt • qPCR in Diagnostics • Sequencing Platforms and Methods • Single Cell qPCR

Sponsoring Institution: SELECTBIO


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For more information, please visit:

16 October 2013 - 17 October 2013 (8:00h)

Hotel Fira Palace Barcelona, Barcelona 08004, Spain

Contact: Hannah Tweed (

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