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Lab Suppliers Invited to Upcoming Lab Product Demonstration Events

Posted by BCI Staff on Wed, Apr 03, 2013

If you sell research products, equipment or supplies to laboratory researchers, you will want to consider Biotechnology Calendar, Inc.'s schedule of upcoming lab product demonstration and research networking events:


04/17/2013 University of Georgia, Athens

04/18/2013 Emory Conference Center Hotel, Atlanta

05/01/2013 University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 

05/02/2013 University of Illinois, Chicago 

05/08/2013 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

05/09/2013 Duke University

05/15/2013 Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia

05/16/2013 University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

05/23/2013 Washington University, St. Louis

06/03/2013 University of Nevada, Reno

06/04/2013 University of California, Davis Medical Center

06/05/2013  University of California, Berkeley

06/06/2013 University of California, San Francisco - Parnassus

06/13/2013 University of Pittsburgh

06/17/2013 Colorado State University, Fort Collins Foothills Campus

06/18/2013 Colorado State University, Fort Collins

06/19/2013 University of Colorado, Boulder

06/20/2013 University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus

06/21/2013 National Jewish Health

These events provide opportunties for lab suppliers to:

1)     Demonstrate your products to researchers

2)     Discuss ongoing promotions

3)     Build brand awareness

4)     Receive feedback and overcome objections

5)     Foster product recognition

6)     Establish relationships and build trust

7)     Provide relevant education

8)     Expand research networks

9)     Obtain additional referrals

10)   Demonstrate Lab products

11)   Answer researchers questions

12)   Improve  product communications

13)   Read researcher body language

14)   Increase lab sales

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