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Posted by BCI Staff on Thu, Dec 20, 2012

 Are you looking to stretch your life science marketing dollars further?

Marketing dollars

Do you know where to put your life science research marketing dollars in order to generate the biggest return on your investment? Are you looking to save time, increase your sales efficiency and keep up to date on university life science information? If so, consider taking advantage of the following complimentary services offered by Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. These services were specifically created for life science marketing managers and are as follows:

  • Science Market Update: This complimentary market research service delivers daily reports on select, targeted, top life science research communities across the country.
  • Company and Industry Update Get tips on research sales and marketing lab products as well as updates on upcoming research product marketing events.
  • Science Meetings and Events: Post your company's science-related events and meetings on the Events Database to get more visibility for your upcoming events.

To introduce you to these three life science information resources, we have provided a sampling of the latest posts below.

Three of the latest articles on our Science Market Update:

 life science curretn business info

Three recent posts on our Company and Industry Update:

life science marketing

Three of the newest events publicized in our Science Events Spotlight:

These free information resources are sponsored and updated daily by Biotechnology Calendar, Inc.

Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. produces nationwide university life science events that connect laboratory supply companies to over $30 billion in research funding. Each year, more than 15,300 researchers from 2,339 departments and over 1,417 different research buildings across the nation attend our events. With the help of our publicity, your company’s brand can reach up to 500,000 corporate impressions annually through preshow print and electronic publicity. At our events, we provide a casual atmosphere to facilitate face-to-face interactions between researchers and exhibitors. Demonstrate your laboratory supplies and products at over 60 top research markets nationwide. See the 2013 schedule.

life science inforamtion resource

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