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Lab Equipment Sales Improve When Researchers Trust Your Brand.

Posted by BCI Staff on Thu, Jul 26, 2012

Researchers have a lot at stake with every lab supply and equipment purchase they make. Each experiment in an ongoing study typically has multiple steps, with often complex methods. The success of each individual step is based on the steps that came before it.  Sometimes each process takes days, weeks, or months. And, scientific research being what it is, in the end the entire process need to be reproducible. 

So it's no wonder that researchers are reluctant to change any part of the process without careful consideration of the impact of that change on all of the other pieces involved. However, change is necessary, and understanding why that change occurs is crucial. 


Research Equipment


What spurs change resulting in new equipment purchase:

  • Problems with existing methods
    • process time, process cost, training issues
  • Limitations of existing equipment
    • accuracy, cost, cumbersome methods, bench foot print
  • Equipment breakage
    • frequency of breakage, finding replacement parts, finding a qualified service person
  • Issues with existing reagents
    • purity, cost, availability
  • Sample issues
    • size, availability, contamination, degradation 

Some simple success tips for building brand trust in the science research community:

  • Build relaible equipment
  • Offer a solid and clear warranty
  • Be visible and easy to do business with
  • Be available for product demos 
  • Be open and eager to answer questions 

Why should a researcher select your equipment over your competitors'?

  • They are familiar with it - either from having used it, from having direct or indirect access to it
  • They are familiar with your company and trust your products
  • Your equipment has been used by others that they are familiar with 
  • Published sources have used your equipment  

    Research Show


Sponsorships can also help your company reach its goals by:

  • Increasing your company’s visibility among researchers and scientists at top research universities nationwide. This increasead visibility leads to increased familiarity and leads to increased trust of your brand
  • Improving your perceived availability and accessibility to the research community
  • Demonstrating your support of the local research community with on-site signage placed at the point of your sponsorship and in your exhibit booth
  • Differentiating your company/product from your competition
  • Driving traffic to your exhibit booth where you can have more in-depth conversations with researcher about how your product meets their needs
  • Leveraging your show presence so that the show experience is overall more cost effective
  • Heightening your credibility and establishing your company as a supporter of local scientific research communities.

You can increase both your sponsorships and your visibility simply by attending one of Biotechnology Calendar's many shows. See our 2013 show schedule, and please consider exhibiting with us in the near future!

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